Amber Case on Her Work…

My work environment is a 30-inch monitor and a MacBook Pro. It’s a large monitor. Since I spend more than 40 hours a week on a computer, it’s important to have a world more than 12 inches wide. My world is 30 inches wide and 500 miles deep. That is the nature of the Internet.

A client may come to Hazelnut Consulting and say: “I’m looking to make a new product in this market. Can you figure out the market and where it would it fit?” I go online and conduct bunch of ethnographic research and find out what the current target market is. What does the market think about the product? What they think about all the different components that go into a product. I make a report on what the trends are and what people might want in a product. I also build intelligence dashboards using little bots that go out and scrape the web for information about businesses. Here they can see what everyone in the world is saying about their business in real time.

I’m helping develop several augmented-reality apps that stream real-world environments through computer-generated imagery. One of them, "Japan-O-Ramic," streams 3-D panoramic images of Japan. You can move your phone around and look at a 360-degree view of Japan without even leaving your home. It allows someone a view of a space not normally available when using a program like Google Maps, which allows 360-degree views of streets, but not the inside of buildings or subway stations.