Amber Case on Herself…

I don’t like doing interviews. Too much press can influence search engine results, and affect whether or not the content I create shows up. If I were to be interviewed by the New York Times, for instance, the article would appear on the top in Google’s results, because they have so much clout. But if I were to update something two years later, the New York Times article would likely be on top. But when you’re based online you can carve your own reputation and have complete control over it. I can blog or use Twitter and can control search results. So I’m careful about who I talk to.

Last March I fell and broke my ankle at South by Southwest in Austin—at the interactive conference portion [of the festival] for nerds that no one seems to know about. When they opened up my ankle, they realized that all the bones had splintered into tiny pieces. A lot of hardware was needed to stabilize the bones as they healed. I literally became a cyborg—in the physical sense, I mean. I am part metal now.

People react differently when I tell them what I do. I think I narrowed it down to 20 types of reactions. One of the first reactions is “Whoa cyborg! Does that mean like Robocop?” Robocop is probably the number one reaction.