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Thumbnail for - New Canoe Trips in Central Oregon
Jun 16, 2012
Get Out!
Only Native American tribal members are allowed to take part in the annual Canoe Journey—an intertribal celebration that, this year, will see more than 100 canoes from across the Pacific...
Thumbnail for - Portland’s Top Trail Shoes
Jun 15, 2012
Walk This Way
To help you decide what to wear on your in-town hikes, we put some of Portland’s top footwear companies’ trail shoes to the test. The result? Eleven hiker-approved kicks.
Thumbnail for - Top Women’s Trail Shoes
Jun 15, 2012
Traversing the trails requires some serious footwear. Here are our picks for the ladies!
Thumbnail for - Top Men’s Trail Shoes
Jun 15, 2012
OK men, let's make tracks in these top-notch boots.
Thumbnail for - Top Coed Trail Shoes
Jun 15, 2012
Sturdy and stylish boots that work for guys and gals.
Thumbnail for - Ashland’s New Act
Jun 15, 2012
Beyond the Bridges
Something’s afoot in Ashland, and it isn’t just the Shakespeare Festival. Explore the city’s latest renaissance.
Thumbnail for - Trail City
Jun 15, 2012
Cover Story
Within 20 miles of downtown you’ll find an astonishing 1,200 miles of trails and 40,000 acres of parks and natural areas. as hiking season arrives, we celebrate our seamless connection to nature by...
Thumbnail for - Express Escapes
Jun 15, 2012
Trail City
You don't have to ramble too far to find a scenic vista in this town.
Thumbnail for - Afternoon Delights
Jun 15, 2012
Trail City
Tell the boss you're working from home and take a tour of nearby nature.
Thumbnail for - Sublime Southwest
Jun 15, 2012
Trail City
The 'burbs have their own splendid sites that deserve a detailed look.
Listing 441 - 450 of 843 Results