Portland-made activewear
Image: Josh Ross

(1) NW Alpine Eyebright climbing jacket, $600

This new, climbing-fixated Portland brand makes its ultralight, waterproof jacket out of Dyneema, a polyethelene-based fabric also found in maritime hauling ropes and riot cops’ shields. 

THE BEST THING   Weighing just five ounces and highly compactible, the Eyebright was designed to fulfill the climbers’ maxim “light is right.” 

TAKE IT OUT   On the dozen cliffs at Troutdale’s Broughton Bluff. 

(2) Columbia Insect Blocker men's full-zip hoodie, $90

This midweight cover-up features the local outdoors pioneer’s fabric-bonded insect repellent—yes, insect repellent is literally woven into the garment. The company says the effect is good through 70 washings. 

THE BEST THING   Bugs may not like it, but with its supple, no-fuss adaptability—it comes off, crumples into a bag, whips back out again—you will. 

TAKE IT OUT   For June’s annual Free Fishing Day at rainbow-stocked Benson Lake State Park. 

(3) Nau women's Motil trench, $225

Nau cuts water-resistant recycled poly into this sharp, light cover-up for travel, commuting, and vacant-lot wildflower raids. Six snaps adjust the waist; voluminous pockets could banish the handbag.

THE BEST THING  It smashes down into a grapefruit-size ball for instant carry-on storage. 

TAKE IT OUT   When you catch PDX’s new direct flight to Fairbanks (and Denali National Park).