Portland-made activewear
Image: Josh Ross

(1) Rapha Windproof shirt for men, $215

The London-Portland cycling brand brings its aesthetic (hard-core bike aficionado meets Euro chic) to a nylon breeze-cutter that fuses roadworthiness with mod tailoring.

THE BEST THING   A hidden patch with this saucy quote from an early French cyclist: “Do you know how we keep going? Look, this is cocaine....” Quel esprit! 

TAKE IT OUT   On the 26-mile Springwater Corridor and Powell Butte loop.  

(2) RYU Icon T-shirt for men, $40

This newish Portland brand wants to outgrow its roots in mixed martial arts by chasing new markets. (The company says revenues surged 70 percent last year ... but the Oregonian recently reported it lost almost $10 million in 2012.) But this striking workout tee oozes macho brawn, down to a tag that urges wearers to “keep the spirit of combat in mind.”  

THE BEST THING   The airy blend of organic cotton and bamboo-charcoal poly. 

TAKE IT OUT   To heave kettlebells at the Pearl District’s Skogg Gym. 

(3) Nau Lightbeam shirt for men, $160

The Portland-founded and -based sustainable sportswear brand combines two kinds of recycled polyester in a versatile hike/bike/barbecue shirt designed to ward off wind and light rain. 

THE BEST THING   The feather-light, crinkly, seersucker-like texture. 

TAKE IT OUT   For a stroll through Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve, 635 bird-swarmed, often-overlooked acres tucked inside suburban Hillsboro.