Portland-made sportsbras
Image: Josh Ross

(1) Handful’s Adjustable Bra, $44 

Who?   The petite-busted and those who want a little padding. 

What?   Low-impact workouts like yoga or weights.  

Why?   This all-bras Tigard company offers an alternative to all the unflattering compression bras on the market: a pocketed sports bra with padded inserts that allow users to “amend” anything that nature, surgery, or breast-feeding has taken away. Spindly straps don’t offer much in the way of support, but you’ll be comfortable wearing this bra from yoga to the grocery store.  

Bonus   Proceeds go to breast cancer research. Runs large in band and cup.

(2) Nike’s victory adjust u-back bra, $55

WHO?   Medium to full-busted. 

WHAT?   High-impact workouts, from the courts to the track. 

WHY?  While traditional pullover sports bras demand you fit them, Victory’s adjustable straps and band form to fit you. Nike’s design team consulted 1,424 “average women” and tested 120 versions of the chest band along to achieve a design the truly works.

BONUS   A patented under-bust support made of compressed mesh. Runs true to size. 

(3) RYU’s TKO, $45 

WHO?   Most sizes. 

WHAT?   Just about any workout. 

WHY?   This local outfit’s martial arts roots guaranteed that RYU’s foray into bra construction would be intriguing. The result is incredibly functional, too: seaming around the bust and fun woven straps give support without squishing the ladies or restricting the ribcage. 

BONUS   A discreet pocket for your locker key. Runs true to size.  

(4) RYU’s Fierce Bra, $42

WHO?   Most sizes. 

WHAT?   Yoga or spin class. 

WHY?   Crafted from recycled polyester and Lycra with a construction technique that reduces (potentially chafing) seams, this is the ultimate “comfort” sports bra. It may feel like it’s disappeared on your body, but you’ll stand out at the gym with vibrant colors and funky crisscross straps. 

BONUS   The inside is pocketed for optional padded inserts. Runs true to size. 

(5) Adidas’s Supernova Racer Back, $40 

WHO?   Most sizes. 

WHAT?   Low-, medium-, or high-impact workouts, from Pilates to running. 

WHY?   Light bust padding offers coverage for the modest and looks great under shirts, while patented materials wick away moisture. Your yoga crush won’t know what hit him/her. 

BONUS   Reflective details for added safety during nighttime runs.  Runs true to size.