Say “Hola” to Your Neighbors

BY DAY, NICK ZUKIN is the “Zuke” in our most Jewish of delis, Kenny & Zuke’s, home of the city’s tallest pastrami sandwich. He also is "extramsg," the notorious food blogger known for dishing out rapacious culinary surveys. But in his spare time you’ll find him on Portland’s outer edges, immersed in the wonders of tlayudas (Oaxacan tostadas) and chapulines (a grasshopper dish prized by macho foodies), or just trying out taquerias that wear that ultimate badge of authenticity: a TV playing Sábado Gigante, Univision’s popular variety show. Here, Zukin offers a quick cultural tour of Portland largest ethnic group.


Oregon Flea Market: A Latino pop culture collector’s paradise but also a genuine slice of life, this flea market hosts everything from vendors sprinkling fresh-cut fruit with chile powder to stalls hawking lucha libre masks. 18340 SE Stark St; 503-492-9209

Bora Bora: At Zukin’s latest taco truck obsession, discover the street food of the Mexican state of Sinaloa from chorreadas (fried gorditas with meat and melted cheese) to pollo al carbon (smoky Sinaloa-style grilled chicken). SE 158th Ave & Division St

Don Camaron Restaurant: At this intimate mariscos (seafood) restaurant, shrimp is served dozens of ways, including grilled whole with heads on. 14130 SE Division St; 503-760-4018