As Oregon winds down its yearlong 150th birthday bash, why not blow out the last candle by taking in some of the breathtakingly diverse landscapes that make up the roughly 96,000 square miles we call home. From the high-desert cowboy country and arid playas of the far east to the verdant valleys of the south to the coast’s rugged headlands, every inch begs to be explored. But no matter which corner calls your name, there are some off-the-beaten-path gems that shouldn’t be missed, like a sunset dinner overlooking Joseph Canyon, a weekend at a luxurious coastal cabin, and our personal favorite, a dip in the Alvord Desert’s hush-hush hot springs. We’ve lined up 30 adventures in the state’s five distinct regions—any of which might inspire a vigorous rendition of “Oregon, My Oregon!” (OK, maybe not the actual song, but the love, for sure.)