SUMMITING COOPER SPUR requires a serious lactic acid after-burn—which means you’ll need a calorie-dense snack to keep you going (and going and going …). We tapped Marta Vaughn, a dietician from Legacy Emanuel Hospital with a penchant for biking and hiking, to help us come up with this can’t-miss trail treat made with ingredients from local companies.

3 *3 cups Bob’s Red Mill five-grain rolled cereal
Because the complex carbohydrates in oats and grains take longer to digest, they’ll give you sustained energy.

1 *1 cup Oregon dried roasted hazelnuts
You’ll get your biggest caloric boost from nuts, which are full of fat. Fortunately, hazelnuts are filled with the kind that won’t clog your arteries.

½ cup apple juice sweetened dried cranberries from New Seasons
½ cup Dried and Gone to Heaven blueberries
The carbohydrates in berries supply a quick pick-me-up, but the fiber in these fruits will keep you from crashing (unlike, say, a Snickers bar).

½ cup Melissa’s dried banana chips
The potassium in bananas helps stave off cramps.

¼ cup Moonstruck Dark Chocolate
It wouldn’t be gorp without chocolate, right? The candy gives your body a small energy burst, but your blood sugar will plummet as fast as it spikes, so be sure to eat the sweet stuff in moderation.