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Garryaelliptica efluzt


A Winner in the Winter Garden: Coast Silktassel

Got a difficult dry shade area in your garden? Skip the boring boxwood - plant elegant silktassel instead!

  • 03/08/2013
Edgeworthiachrysantha d1vexz


Paperbush: A Nifty Winter-Blooming Shrub

Looking for a winter-flowering shrub that also makes a statement year-round? Plant paperbush.

  • 02/23/2013
Clematis cirrhosa var balearica sean hogan kvvs3b


Cistus Design's Top Three Winter Flowers 2013

Portland garden designer and plantsman suggests three uncommon and luscious winter flowers for 2013

  • 01/29/2013
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PLANTWISE: edibles

Brighten Your Winter Garden with (Oddly Enough!) Blueberries

It's cold outside, but it's the perfect time to head out to your favorite local nursery and buy blueberry plants!

  • 01/18/2013
Magnolialaevifolia h7lu6s

PLANTWISE: Garden Design

Five Surefire Winter Interest Plants for Portland Gardeners

Plant these winning, winter-structure plants to keep your garden looking spiffy from November to March.

  • 01/03/2013
Camelliasasanqua wcwerl


Plan Your Winter Garden

Tips for creating a garden you'll want to admire all winter

  • 12/03/2012
Orangeplanter vgfn0d

plant this!

Winter Container Combos

Plant up a container to liven up your porch or front steps from October through May.

  • 10/16/2012
Lawn crocus open  nexwgp

plant of the week

Lawn Crocus

Crocus tommasinianus – a classic English technique for dressing up a dull lawn

  • 02/07/2011
Dancing oaks hellebore zwves1

things to do this weekend

Spring Garden Book Soiree & Hellebore Open House

  • 02/04/2011
Sarcococca hookeriana var humilis cxrtme

plant of the week

Sweet box

Sarcococca (that’s pronounced sar – co – co – kah!)

  • 01/31/2011
Helleborus argutifolius silver lace h1p12c

get dirty

Clean Up That Garden

and make way for winter flowers!

  • 01/17/2011
Brachyglottis monroi plt3lv

favorite plants

Great Plants for Winter Pizzazz

there’s more to winter interest than pretty flowers!

  • 12/14/2010
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