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Thumbnail for - Will Wild Wolves Survive in Oregon?
May 26, 2015
As the state’s gray wolf population continues to grow, new legislative stipulations could impede further progress.
Thumbnail for - In Search of the Oregon's Wild Wolf
Jun 5, 2013
Hikers, wildlife enthusiasts, and conservationists head to Eastern Oregon in pursuit of one of the state's most popular (and least understood) creatures.
Thumbnail for - Five Reasons to Love Twiggy Dogwoods
Oct 24, 2012
plant this!
Five great reasons to grow this stunningly beautiful native plant
Thumbnail for - Backyard Habitat Certification
Mar 6, 2010
Out with invasives! I may love my unusual white-flowered, cream-variegated honesty plant (aka, money plant, known to botanists as Lunaria annua Variegata Alba) but I’d hate to...
Thumbnail for - Our Feathered Friends
Dec 19, 2009
Just up on the Portland Monthly website – a piece I wrote about winter birds – Winged Wonders. I love Garrett’s stylish illustrations of our native bird species. Make sure you click on the slide...
Thumbnail for - Low-Emissions Hummers
Aug 30, 2009
Plant for Wildlife
This hardy Fuchsia speciosa is flocked with hummers all summer We all love hummingbirds! These adroit creatures are a marvel to watch; their masterful hover and dive displays,...