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Thumbnail for - The Lost Album of Okinawa
Jun 2, 2014
In 1945, a Portland navy officer salvaged a book of photos from the Okinawa battlefield. Seven decades later, his widow began a journey to find its owners.
Thumbnail for - Q&A: Wieden & Kennedy's Keesha Jean-Baptiste
Oct 1, 2013
The HR director of Portland's legendary ad agency spills the secrets to getting hired at WK.
Thumbnail for - Marketing Portland's Music to the Masses
Jul 23, 2013
Sara Matarazzo, Chris Funk, and a budding local cluster of music connoisseurs are making Portland a capital for a new music industry, one ad at a time.
Thumbnail for - Oregon Culture Trust's Capturing Photos
Jan 22, 2013
Photographer Holly Andres stuns with the new promotional photos for this Oregon's nonprofit.
Thumbnail for - Celebrating the Art and Business of PDX Design
Oct 4, 2012
making stuff look good
Design Week Portland, a new but already noteworthy event, takes place all over town October 9–13.