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Thumbnail for - Chess for Success
Oct 20, 2009
Chess is a sneaky game, says Phillip Margolin, the first president of Chess for Success (CFS), a nonprofit that introduces underprivileged children to the game.
Thumbnail for - Young Audiences
Oct 20, 2009
At a time when dwindling school-district budgets are eroding arts education, Young Audiences brings reputable artists to more than 200 K–8 schools, where they teach painting, storytelling, dance,...
Thumbnail for - Quest Center
Oct 20, 2009
Founded 20 years ago in response to the AIDS crisis, Quest’s reach has extended beyond one disease. Last year alone, the center treated 2,000 people.
Thumbnail for - Garden Partners
Oct 20, 2009
Regency Park residents create the sensational garden display with the assistance of Garden Partners, a 10-year-old nonprofit dedicated to engaging elders by helping them care for plants for an hour...
Thumbnail for - Designs of the Times
Oct 12, 2009
Portland Fashion
Director of Apparel Design at the Art Institute of Portland, Sue Bonde greets the Thursday evening crowd. Image: Kerosene Rose, Kerosene Rose Portland Fashion Week’s Thursday...
Thumbnail for - Sounds Like Team Spirit
Sep 30, 2009
The Blazers
Two-time All-Star and MVP candidate Brandon Roy describes the team’s development: "We’re not going through the learning process anymore." Image: Kerosene Rose The unofficial...
Thumbnail for - Hoop There It Is!
Sep 28, 2009
Web Exclusive
_Portland Monthly_ photographer Heather Zinger experiences the excitement of hula hooping in the city.
Thumbnail for - Fashion Fusion
Sep 28, 2009
Web Exclusive
Image: Megan Udow, Megan Udow Friday night’s FUSE Fashion Show may have opened up with cheesy chatter reminiscent of a Miss America pageant, with hosts that sounded like Access...
Thumbnail for - Memories of MusicFest
Sep 24, 2009
Rocking the Clubs
Hipster messiah: Girl Talk leads his followers in a dance party. Image: Robert Runyon, Robert Runyon The annual relay between venues known as Musicfest Northwest came and went...
Thumbnail for - Portland Pirate Festival
Sep 23, 2009
Swashbuckling Style
Leave the pants to the men. A pirate performer in a skirt duels her opponent as festival attendees look on. Image: Kerosene Rose, Kerosene Rose In a “previous life” (which is...
Listing 121 - 130 of 156 Results