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Thumbnail for - Trend Watch: Tailored Jackets
Sep 5, 2011
Trend Watch
  When you’re considering where to splurge in the shopping world, it’s best to think about the ratio of use that item will get in comparison to the rest of your closet. For example, a fabulous...
Thumbnail for - Chunky Knit Sweaters
Aug 22, 2011
Trend Watch
  Ahhhh sweater weather. That time of year where you get to essentially wear a big fuzzy blanket on your body and pretend it’s clothing. It’s the only thing that makes another rainy Oregon day...
Thumbnail for - Trend Watch: Denim Jackets
Aug 15, 2011
Trend Watch
  In the fickle world of fashion, few things can be counted on to stick around longer than you can say “Hammer Pants.” The good ol’ denim jacket is a welcome exception to that rule. Here are a...
Thumbnail for - Trend Watch: Booties
Aug 8, 2011
Trend Watch
  Boots are always big in our northwestern neck of the woods, but don’t get corralled into thinking one shape fits all. The bootie wave is sweeping fashion as the perfect option when you want a...
Thumbnail for - Trend Watch: Rose Gold
Jul 5, 2011
Get hip to it
  Now that summer has officially kicked off with a bang (fireworks pun intended), let’s talk accessories. You’ve already done traditional gold and probably rocked some silver too, but what about...
Thumbnail for - Trend Watch: Coral
Jun 13, 2011
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  Color Guru Pantone describes coral as “the more approachable and softer orange.” I describe it as the perfect accent color for summer that flatters more skin tones than its Biohazard warning...
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May 28, 2011
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  It’s important to remember that clothes are only part of the ensemble. Once you’ve got your outfit whipped into shape you have to get a check up from the neck up. Like anything else in the...
Thumbnail for - Trend Watch: Denim & Chambray
May 24, 2011
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  I am digging denim this year. Particularly with a pinch of chambray thrown in. Yes, it’s a staple of most wardrobes and here every season, but this year’s reincarnation is looking good. There is...
Thumbnail for - Trend Watch: Sheers
May 16, 2011
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  If you’re looking to give up a little hint of skin this summer without being arrested or worrying about tan lines, then get into the trend of sheer fabrics. Sheer fabrics are hot, and not just...
Thumbnail for - Trend Watch: 70’s YSL
May 8, 2011
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  If you happened to peek at my spring editorial Night Moves last month, you know I have disco fever. But I am not alone. The 70’s is the new decade du jour for apparel trends, and YSL designs...
Listing 41 - 50 of 54 Results