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Ouramdane worldfair patrickimbert 2 mbwdcu


TBA 2011: Rachid Ouramdane

Considering our differences

  • 07/24/2012
Abraham radioshow stevenschreiber 1 dfdcqq

static clings

TBA 2011: The Radio Show

Kyle Abraham’s hit parade leaves space for provocative bursts of static.

  • 07/24/2012
Vockahredu isabeltheriot 2 frjtbp


TBA 2011: Vockah Redu

  • 07/24/2012
Dha gloriascause5 w qzjblb

phile under: TBA 2010

TBA 2010: On the Boards Responds

Artistic Director from On the Boards responds to Claudia’s review of Gloria’s Cause

  • 07/24/2012
Tbafinalthumb dauw2v


TBA 2011: There’s Still Time

  • 09/28/2011
Zoejuniper acrackineverything junipershuey 6 eenckl

notes from the otherworld

TBA 2011: Zoe | Juniper

The Seattle dance company’s A Crack In Everything Exposed made an indelible impression on multidisciplinary artist and Culturephile correspondent Kat S...

  • 09/27/2011
Musicfest tba duyqfr


MFNW and TBA: Why Make Us Choose?

Two of our town’s greatest festivals continue to vie for an overlapping patronage, rather than reschedule.

  • 09/26/2011

eye want candy

TBA 2011: Miwa Matreyek’s Silhouette Sorcery

  • 09/20/2011
Daiseytlccultpre460 iz45og

taking stock

TBA 2011: What Mike Daisey Did

What the monologuist’s All The Hours In The Day did and didn’t accomplish within its formidable 24-hour time slot.

  • 09/19/2011
Daisey2 oxjlys


TBA 2011: PNCA Students Describe Daisey

Edited by Claudia La Rocco.

  • 09/19/2011
Benning ruhr f9qpej


TBA 2011: Ruhr

Going the Distance with James Benning

  • 09/18/2011
Whisperingpines10 art21 2 ynxzdf

for the birds

TBA 2011: Whispering Pines

Moulton and Hallett go exploring…but end up back at square one.

  • 09/13/2011
Michel groisman cpdwn3


TBA 2011: Michel Groisman

Time in the company of others

  • 09/12/2011
Cardiff abddi5

more than bargained for

TBA 2011: ©ardiff

How David Eckard’s "carnival barker" character, and TBA lookie-loos, got their mettle sorely tested by a drunk bystander.

  • 09/10/2011
Angela mattox cqvdbd

meet & greet

Meet PICA’s New Artistic Director

On the cusp of her arrival at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Angela Mattox talks about her big vision—and her first impressions.

  • 08/17/2011
Tba11 kyleabraham q5pnq3


TBA 2011: First news

Curator Cathy Edwards says “cults, demigods, proselytizing, and fracturing” are the themes for this year’s dynamic September festival of dance, music and, an...

  • 03/03/2011
Ronniebass oekpar

phile under: TBA 2010

TBA 2010: Five Questions with Ronnie Bass

It’s not too late to catch The Astronomer.

  • 10/11/2010
Tba 23 biptji

phile under: TBA 2010

TBA 2010: The People’s Biennial

Ten Questions inspired by the most questionable exhibit in The Works.

  • 09/29/2010
Claudia2 albcim

TBA 2010: Claudia Wraps Up

phile under: TBA 2010

In no particular order … 10 odds and ends about TBA10

  • 09/20/2010
Me and my shadow l88iqa

phile under: TBA 2010

TBA 2010: Offsite Dance Project

Two Japanese masters coax the audience beyond the comfort zone.

  • 09/19/2010
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