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Thumbnail for - TBA's Critical Mascara Drag Ball Slide Show
Sep 18, 2014
TBA's Critical Mascara detonated in an explosion of outrageous outfits, full-body makeup, crowd surfing, fake blood, and glitter.
Thumbnail for - TBA Review: Luke George's 'Not About Face'
Sep 16, 2014
This audience participative work found the chilling common denominator between ISIS and Jeff Koons. Thru Sept 18
Thumbnail for - THEESatisfaction Kick Off PICA’s T.B.A. Festival with Synchronized Dance Moves
Sep 12, 2014
TBA:14 Field Notes
The annual art fest filled its new late-night digs in SE Portland with one of the most engaged, diverse opening crowds yet.
Thumbnail for - TBA:13 in Reviews
Sep 26, 2013
Time-Based Art Festival 2012
We pick the best (and, ahem, worst) of the festival, plus a recap of all the shows you missed.
Thumbnail for - TBA Review: Ieva Miseviciute at the Works
Sep 23, 2013
Time-Based Art Festival 2013
The former Lithuanian clown pokes fun at heady conceptual art—and then gets stuck in it.
Thumbnail for - TBA Review: Karen Sherman
Sep 22, 2013
Time-Based Art 2013
Despite hints of promise, “One with Others” might have been better left in the rehearsal studio. Sun at 4:30
Thumbnail for - TBA Review: Natasha Kmeto at the Works
Sep 22, 2013
TBA 2013
Natasha Kmeto played both pop diva and DJ at the Works, winning converts from the edge of the dance floor, if not a full-throttle dance party itself.
Thumbnail for - TBA Review: Bouchra Ouizguen
Sep 21, 2013
Time-Based Art Festival 2013
The Moroccan choreographer conjures a world unto itself. Sat at 8:30
Thumbnail for - TBA Review: Daniel Barrow
Sep 21, 2013
Time-Based Art Festival 2013
Barrow is a magician, using naught but an overhead projector and tricks of the eye to create lush animated fairy tales. Sat at 8:30
Thumbnail for - TBA Review: Mariano Pensotti
Sep 20, 2013
Time-Based Art 2013
Day 9: The Argentinian's public work is an extreme act of people watching and observation. Thru Sept 22
Listing 1 - 10 of 93 Results