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Thumbnail for - Portland Monthly's Super Bowl Predictions
Jan 29, 2014
Sunday's Big Game is only a few days away. We asked our staff to pick the winner.
Thumbnail for - Super Bowl Cocktails: The Final Chapter
Feb 3, 2012
Mixology 101
This is it! The very last installment of Super Bowl cocktails! Our final two bartenders are Michael Shea from the Rum Club, and Metrovino mixologist Jacob Grier. Take it away, Michael Shea! "So,...
Thumbnail for - Son of Super Bowl Cocktails
Feb 1, 2012
Mixology 101
As promised, we’re back with more scintillating cocktail ideas that should make your Super Bowl Party the social event of the season. Beaker & Flask barman Brandon Wise responded to my...
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Jan 30, 2012
Mixology 101
Just in case you’ve been living on Newt’s moon colony for the past six months, the Super Bowl is this Sunday. So it’s definitely time to get your shopping list together for that big party you’re...