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Thumbnail for - Slideshow + Review: Madame Butterfly
Feb 4, 2012
  Summary Poor Cio-Cio-San. First she falls for the fickle charms of US Naval Officer Pinkerton, even forsaking her family’s religion, Buddhism, to make herself a more suitable bride to the...
Thumbnail for - The Sweet, Sweet Scent of Autumn at Lan Su
Nov 3, 2011
favorite plants
The apricot colored and scented flowers of the fragrant sweet olive (Osmanthus fragrans ‘Aurantiacus’). This species produces the flower used to scent Chinese osmanthus tea. I...
Thumbnail for - Oh Terrariums, How I Love You!
Jan 14, 2011
plant explorations
One of Robert’s counter displays: this one includes a moist terrarium (far right) with humidity-loving plants; a still-life shell and stone terrarium (center) and a terrarium habitat...
Thumbnail for - Travels in Mexico
Jan 12, 2011
plant explorations
The lily pond at the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden Ah, Mexico! I just returned from two weeks in the Puerto Vallarta area and – as I do with any trip – worked in some plant...
Thumbnail for - Ferguson’s Fragrant Garden Nursery and Heirloom Garden Roses
Sep 13, 2010
profile: good businesses
Ferguson’s Fragrant Garden Nursery display garden I was out in the Aurora/Donald/St. Paul area for work this weekend and decided to poke around a bit afterwards. Turns out it...
Thumbnail for - Dahlias and More Dahlias!
Sep 3, 2010
things to do
Swan Island Dahlias field, late August, 2010 Immerse yourself in bright, gaudy, over-the-top color at the Swan Island Dahlia Festival this weekend, Sat and Sun Sept 4 and 5,...
Thumbnail for - A Garden With Chutzpa
Jul 18, 2010
garden tours
Last weekend’s ANLD garden tour included a garden that really captured my interest and my heart. The garden’s husband-and-wife creators – Marina Wynton, artist/landscape and interior...
Thumbnail for - Pruning Lavender
Jul 11, 2010
Get Dirty
This image shows the flowering lavender on the far right (still purple). To their left are several rows of lavender whose flowers have been harvested for processing – bundles are...
Thumbnail for - Visit Luscher Farm
Jun 30, 2010
things to do
There is a huge City of Lake Oswego community garden on the property – I’ve never seen so many creative and beautifully-maintained plots! Image: Kate Bryant Looking for...
Thumbnail for - The Beer Belly Dinner
May 19, 2010
Drinking & Dining
  ON THE SECOND THURSDAY of each month, EastBurn plays host to the gastronomically challenging Beer Belly Dinner. Pairing a local brewery with the efforts of noteworthy chefs, it’s a four-course...
Listing 31 - 40 of 53 Results