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Thumbnail for - Anna Del Russo's Style Lessons
Oct 8, 2012
we heart video
Eccentric fashionista Anna Del Russo shows off her new collection for H&M in this odd "music" video.
Thumbnail for - Bridge City Mercantile Sets Up Shop
Oct 4, 2012
Brand Spankin' New
A new Fremont gift store boasting jewelry, housewares and anything cute.
Thumbnail for - The Mini Bag
Sep 20, 2012
Trend Watch
Drop those duffle sized bags ladies. The time for the petite purse has arrived.
Thumbnail for - Tory Burch to Open Portland Store
Sep 5, 2012
Fashion News
CFDA winning designer, Tory Burch, opens her first boutique in Oregon next month.
Thumbnail for - Fashion's Night Out Guide
Aug 28, 2012
Thursday, September 6 is national Fashion's Night Out with nearly every store downtown offering up something ala fashion shows, new fall collections and party time.
Thumbnail for - Father’s Day Gift Guide
Jun 7, 2012
shopping guide
For the well groomed Dad Mustache Wax- $9 available at Tender Loving Empire Image: Kevin Lennox Every year Father’s Day sneaks up on many of us leading to a gift buying...
Thumbnail for - Sharing Spree
Feb 9, 2012
Style Spotlight
The invention of Groupon (and all the discounts that followed) has inspired a plethora of copycats. And all with the same intention….S-A-V-I-N-G-S! But the question is, how do you choose which...
Thumbnail for - Boutique Spotlight: Margaret O’Leary
Dec 22, 2011
Style Spotlight
  One of the few t-shirts I own says, “Everyone Loves an Irish Girl.” I like it both as an Irish girl myself and because I seem to gravitate towards my Emerald Isle kin. Such was the case when I...
Thumbnail for - Etsy Pick: Textilemonster
Nov 9, 2011
Style Spotlight
  In this week’s Check Up From the Neck Up, we declare that neck needs to get covered up! Enter in Textilemonster’s cute Etsy shop, stocked to the brim with handmade goodies to wrap up those...
Thumbnail for - Create Your Own Costume
Oct 19, 2011
Holiday Guide
  It’s time! Oh yes, that time of year to dress up and pretend you’re somebody else (outside the pretending we already do on Facebook, Linked In,, etc). Here’s a few Shop Talk...
Listing 61 - 70 of 92 Results