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Thumbnail for - Portland's Wheelchair Fencing Champion
Aug 1, 2013
Who: Leo Curtis, a wounded Iraq War veteran who now pursues global glory on wheels
Thumbnail for - A Day at the Races
Jul 17, 2013
Reporter Dispatch + Slideshow
Portland Meadows kicks off its season on Sunday. We revisit the race track's high-stakes rebranding and last year's opening day.
Thumbnail for - Veteran Pan Am Stewardesses Look Back
Jul 1, 2013
What was the golden age of jet travel really like?
Thumbnail for - Snuff Bottle Aficionados
Nov 21, 2012
We checked out the scene at this year's International Chinese Snuff Bottle Society’s convention at the Nines.
Thumbnail for - Protect & Serve
Sep 21, 2012
Scene & Heard
WHERE: A typical match in Greater Portland City League Tennis, where the competition (on and off the court) can be fierce.
Thumbnail for - Paperback Rider
Aug 23, 2012
Scene & Heard
Where: North Portland bike lanes Who: Evan Schneider, a local writer who puts a personal spin on cycling.