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Jan 31, 2011
Red Carpet
  Did they pass out muscle relaxers at Sunday’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards? Without Ricky Gervais there to poke and taunt, the crowd seemed subdued. In fact, I was almost bored. Bored during...
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Jan 17, 2011
Red Carpet
  Can I share something with you? One of my very favorite parts of doing what I do is when I stole the remote from my boyfriend Sunday, flipped it away from football to the Golden Globes and said...
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Jan 16, 2011
  Friday night was the world (yes world) premiere of the long awaited Portlandia. Our own Carrie Brownstein and director Jonathan Krisel were in attendance, as well as a heap of “Portland famous”...
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Jan 10, 2011
Best Dressed/Worst Dressed
  It has begun. My annual slow slide into the vortex of awards seasons is upon us. It doesn’t matter that I haven’t seen half the movies nominated. In fact, I just got around to watching the first...
Listing 31 - 34 of 34 Results