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Thumbnail for - Kick Your Spring Cold with this Herb & Nettle Soup
Apr 2, 2015
Get wild and heal what ails you with this nutrient-packed spring ingredient—once you get over your fears.
Thumbnail for - Spread the Spring with Rhubarb and Rose Petal Jam
Apr 1, 2015
A farmers market pro weaves together two flavorful seasonal ingredients for biscuit-ready preserves.
Thumbnail for - 3 Creative New Things to Do With Rhubarb
Mar 23, 2015
From breakfast bowls to cocktails, we give you plenty of ways to use spring's first "fruit."
Thumbnail for - Make One of Bluehour's Fanciful Spring Dishes at Home
Mar 18, 2015
Every diet needs a bit of balance! Here, chef Kyo Koo shares his recipe for “Spot Prawns in a Spring Garden” with tons of veggies and gluten-free crunch.
Thumbnail for - The Easiest Pasta Recipe of All Time
Mar 2, 2015
In her new cookbook, Jenn Louis explores the hidden world of Italian dumplings—and unearths a seriously simple version.
Thumbnail for - 3 Irresistible Winter Salads
Feb 9, 2015
Need a boost of winter recipe inspiration to get you through to spring? Whole foods expert Lauren Chandler delivers.
Thumbnail for - The Last Energy Bar Recipe You'll Ever Need
Jan 26, 2015
Whole foods expert Lauren Chandler shares an easy and endlessly customizable bar that will fill you up and answer those salty-sweet cravings.
Thumbnail for - 3 Killer DIY Grilled Cheese Sandwiches from Cheese Plate PDX
Jan 5, 2015
Deep in the bleak, bone-chilling days of winter, we adults need a booster of gooey, nostalgic grilled cheese just as much as the kids do.
Thumbnail for - 3 Healthy Sauces to Jazz Up Your New Year's Cleanse
Dec 30, 2014
To celebrate the release of her new cookbook Essential Sides and Sauces, natural foods chef Abby Fammartino shares the go-to condiments she couldn't live without.
Thumbnail for - Portland Chefs Share Their Favorite Salad Dressing Recipes
Dec 23, 2014
It's easy enough to eat more salads—but it can be tricky to make them exciting. Here are 8 DIY dressing ideas that will keep you away from the bottle.
Listing 1 - 10 of 213 Results