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Thumbnail for - Want to Buy a Private Oregon Island?
Mar 25, 2014
We take a look at the Northwest's premium island real estate.
Thumbnail for - Apartment Therapy
Nov 1, 2013
Portland development firm CE John builds a new kind of rental, with high design and history in mind.
Thumbnail for - Neighborhoods by the Numbers
Mar 22, 2013
Portland Real Estate 2013
Thumbnail for - Portland's Current Market Trends
Mar 22, 2013
The major movements within Portland's real estate market, from cash purchases to sustainable mixed-use developments.
Thumbnail for - Rental Market Madness
Mar 22, 2013
If you're frustrated by trying to find a place in today's rental market, you're not alone.
Thumbnail for - Portland's Hottest Microhoods
Mar 22, 2013
A look inside Portland's hottest nano-size neighborhoods and the trends driving our real estate market.
Thumbnail for - Real Estate Growth Map
Mar 16, 2013
Portland's residential development over the past three years.
Thumbnail for - What I Learned: Lessons from Portland High Schools
Jan 17, 2013
An anonymous survey of local high school students and teachers reveals what's really going on in today's high schools.
Thumbnail for - Neighborhoods by the Numbers: Real Estate 2012
Mar 23, 2012
Looking to buy a home? Need to know which neighborhood has the best middle school? Or is safest for your car? Check out our expanded real estate stats and make an informed decision.
Thumbnail for - Pop Quiz
Jan 20, 2011
Private Schools Guide 2011
We've got straight-up answers to your private school FAQs.
Listing 1 - 10 of 19 Results