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Thumbnail for - TBA 2010: Japanther vs. Night Shade
Sep 10, 2010
phile under: TBA 2010
They started strong, with spooky sound-effects and intricate silhouette images. Within the first few seconds, we saw haunted houses, hooded graffiti artists, and a morphing man-panther. Moments...
Thumbnail for - Puppet Slam + Double Theater Feature
Sep 3, 2010
phile under: theater
Come, now, what masques, what dance shall we have, to wear away this long age of three hours between our after-supper and bed-time? What revels are in hand? What music? How shall we beguile the...
Thumbnail for - Local Music Videos
Aug 16, 2010
phile under: quality time-frittering
Happy Monday. How much coffee have you had? Enough to track the tricks of this impressive local yo-yo-thrower? Set to the equally dexterous and energetic Hoop + Wire by Portland’s own Boy Eats...