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Thumbnail for - 5 Reasons to Love Sellwood Soap Company
Sep 24, 2013
Why Rachael Gruen's handmade natural soap company has something for everyone—with the science to back it up
Thumbnail for - Pendleton's Main Man Mark Korros
Sep 3, 2013
A new CEO helps the Pacific Northwest's woolen empire balance future-thinking fashion and loyalty to the past.
Thumbnail for - Trophy Case: September's Best Local Stuff
Sep 3, 2013
The month's best handmade stuff, including gilded gator-bone tools, cornmeal soap, and geodesic domes
Thumbnail for - Portland's Globetrotting Blacksmith
Sep 3, 2013
Arnon Kartmazov's epic life story is reflected in his custom kitchen knives and metal sculptures.
Thumbnail for - Marketing Business-to-Business Tools in Portland
Aug 1, 2013
At McClenahan Bruer, Kerry McClenahan masters selling tech to techies.
Thumbnail for - Drink Water's Campaign to Hydrate Sports
Aug 1, 2013
A tiny Portland branding company takes on the energy drink giants with a simple message.
Thumbnail for - Pattern People's Prints Take Over Portland Design
Aug 1, 2013
How a local studio crafts fashion-forward patterns for walls, clothes, and beyond.
Thumbnail for - Union Cab's Driver Owned Fleet
Aug 1, 2013
A portrait of Portland's visually and politically bold new cab co-op
Thumbnail for - Photos from the 26th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival
Jul 30, 2013
Spanning five days and featuring more than 80 handcrafted brews, this year's Oregon Brewers Festival filled Tom McCall Waterfront Park with cold suds and good vibes.
Thumbnail for - Local Plate Delivers DIY Dishes to Your Door
Jul 18, 2013
A new Portland-based company aims to connect small-scale Northwest farms, ranches, and fishers to at-home diners via easy-to-make meals.
Listing 21 - 30 of 45 Results