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Thumbnail for - City Council Astrology
Dec 12, 2012
An astrologer predicts how our new city council will collaborate—and clash!
Thumbnail for - The First Lady's Fashion
Nov 7, 2012
Style Spotlight
With four years more of Michelle Obama as our FLOTUS to come, we take a look at some of her classic fashion looks.
Thumbnail for - Favorite Looks from the FLOTUS
Nov 7, 2012
With more years of a stylish first lady to come, we take a look back at her classic style.
Thumbnail for - Running in Place
Mar 23, 2012
Next month, Portland voters will weigh the merits of many would-be mayors. But how do the three major candidates—Eileen Brady, Charlie Hales, and Jefferson Smith—see the city they want to lead?
Thumbnail for - 5 Questions for Kinky Friedman
Jul 27, 2010
Stage Presence
Kinky Friedman is one cowpoke who doesn’t seem to mind wearing a whole bunch of different hats. He first attracted attention in the mid-70s as the leader of Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys,...
Thumbnail for - Cary Clarke’s First Official Summer
Jul 13, 2010
phile under: pop policymaker
PDX Pop Now! is—well, very soon! There’s the City Hall showcase on the 22, and a week later, a three-day onslaught of all-ages music will blast industrial Southeast like a midsummer super-soaker....
Listing 11 - 16 of 16 Results