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Thumbnail for - Oh Terrariums, How I Love You!
Jan 14, 2011
plant explorations
One of Robert’s counter displays: this one includes a moist terrarium (far right) with humidity-loving plants; a still-life shell and stone terrarium (center) and a terrarium habitat...
Thumbnail for - Garden by Cycle
Aug 25, 2010
plant person profile
Biking and gardening – they’re a natural together. So says Portlander Elizabeth Bryant, professional gardener and creator of Garden by Cycle, a sustainably-driven garden consulting and...
Thumbnail for - Plant Lust
Aug 17, 2010
smart idea
It seems there’s always some new website launch in the plant world: one or another new on-line gardening "community" or resource where you can read about plants, comment, add content, review...
Thumbnail for - Design Tips from Dan Hinkley
Jul 25, 2010
horticultural ed
I try to avoid joining groups and engaging in activities where I have to wait in lines, sit in chairs for hours at a time and dutifully clap between endless rounds of announcements. But late...