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Trillium d2ppwg

garden events

Native Plant Sale & Green Gardening Fair

  • 04/09/2010
Candela yellow tulip ywzuqf

upcoming events

Tulip Fest!

  • 03/29/2010
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upcoming events

It’s Spudtacular!

learn everything you need to know to grow the humble spud

  • 03/19/2010
Camellia zdrkpu

upcoming events

Festival of Fragrance

Portland’s Classical Chinese Garden’s spring plant sale

  • 03/17/2010
Magnolia sargentiana var rubra jpg hkks67

places to go

Bishop’s Close Garden

  • 03/09/2010
Metal chicken z18q58


Yard, Garden & Patio Show Redux

  • 02/14/2010
Ravenna gdns urban nest  qf5216


Seattle Flower Show Rundown

  • 02/06/2010
Gorge mts nr carson dhhbmb

plants in winter

The Gorge in Winter

the best possible gift

  • 12/28/2009
Mod building mqq4br

More Garden Visits

The Australian Garden

taking public garden design to a new level

  • 11/28/2009
Mallee and lawn m1y2pe

Garden Visits

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Inspiration from Mediterranea

  • 11/24/2009
Garden hgljlq

Garden Visits

The Other Heronswood

  • 11/22/2009
Dsc01237 pecuur

Random Notes

Everyone Loves Leftovers

It’s a slow news day. Let’s catch up!

  • 11/17/2009
Banksia spinulosa v collina bfjq9w

Garden Visits

Canberra Botanic Garden

a walking tour

  • 11/16/2009
Bromeliad area neminb

Garden Visits

Bromeliads of Foster Botanic Garden, Honolulu

decorative pineapples!

  • 11/10/2009
Quince zddnqw

Upcoming Plant Events

All About Fruit Show

The Home Orchard Society’s Annual Fruit Fest

  • 10/02/2009
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Plant Travel

Garden and Plant Delights

Highlights of my North Carolinian hort adventures

  • 09/28/2009
Illicium breeding   nc state exp stn pxnlkg

Plant Travel

Horticultural Slumming in NC

Some fervent plant nerds take a horticultural romp in the Raleigh, NC area.

  • 09/23/2009

Upcoming Plant Events

Muddy Boot Fest

…and ticket giveaway

  • 09/09/2009
Dscn5491 c46lsv

Upcoming Plant Events

Le Tour des Plants

C’est Bon!

  • 09/06/2009
Dsc00514 ehllwd

Drinking Locally

Cool Places

Aiiieeee! I can’t stand it! What’s the best bar for chilling?

  • 07/30/2009
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