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Thumbnail for - PICA's “New Arrangements”
Mar 13, 2013
PICA pairs sculptors Michihiro Kosuge and Ned Colclough—a seeming odd couple with elusive but beautiful overlap. Closes May 11.
Thumbnail for - PICA Fundraiser for Plazm Founder Josh Berger
Feb 14, 2013
Josh Berger shined a national spotlight on many local artists, and now those artist want to help him in a time of need.
Thumbnail for - Breaking: Calligram Foundation Gives PICA $600,000
Jan 29, 2013
The new foundation on the block commits a visionary three year award to fund new works and PICA’s core programming.
Thumbnail for - PICA Announces a New Granting Initiative: the Precipice Fund
Jan 22, 2013
PICA and the Andy Warhol Foundation will distribute $75,000 annually to alternative projects and arts collectives.
Thumbnail for - Top Picks for Arty Holiday Shopping
Dec 4, 2012
There's no more memorable a gift than a piece of art or handmade craft. We round up the top places to find them this season.
Thumbnail for - PICA Goes Wild for Mushrooms, Mold, and Yeast
Nov 2, 2012
The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art is teaming up with local mushroom experts for a special fungi dinner and free mushroom fair.
Thumbnail for - Time-Based Art Festival Preview
Sep 6, 2012
TBA celebrates its 10th birthday with a global lineup, some returning stars, a new curator, and a fancy new late night setup at Washington High School. Here are our picks for Week 1.
Thumbnail for - TBA 2011: First news
Mar 3, 2011
  The first trickle of news about this year’s TBA festival arrived last week during conversations with curators Cathy Edwards, gearing up for her third and final year as guest curator, and Kristan...
Thumbnail for - TBA: In The Works!
Sep 7, 2010
phile under: TBA 2010
  For 350-odd days of the calendar year, the Washington High School building sits blank and boarded. All the ground-level windows are blocked by sheets of plywood, and all the exterior alcoves are...
Thumbnail for - Weekend Picks
Jul 9, 2010
phile under: weekend
PICA Turns 15 A woman in stylish safety goggles, calmly and methodically breaking glass. Children cutting adults’ hair. Beat-boxers, light-boxes, ukelele-wielding trannies—these are some of the...
Listing 11 - 20 of 20 Results