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Thumbnail for - 6 Magical Children’s Plays
Dec 22, 2011
Mess around as we may with charity galas and Secret Santas, the holiday season tends to be a time for family and a chance to bring some magic into children’s lives. But what do you do with loved...
Thumbnail for - First Thursday Sampler
Nov 30, 2011
Surrealist Eric Stotik’s New Work at Laura Russo The RACC 2011 fellow overlays bright, detailed nightmare-scapes on black negative space.   Still Life Molly Vidor’s Honeydrippers at PDX...
Thumbnail for - Portland Comedy-Goer’s Guide
Nov 21, 2011
humor hunting
Not too long ago, Portland was a one-horse comedy town. If you wanted to see stand-up, you drifted into Old Town’s brick-and-mortar laugh shack, Harvey’s, to watch road hacks chew well-worn...
Thumbnail for - First Thursday Sampler
Nov 2, 2011
Contemporary Target Language at Appendix @ 937 Andrew Norman Wilson, Anne de Vries, Harm van den Dorpel, and Oliver Laric have something in common: bold recontextualization of prior...
Thumbnail for - First Thursday Sampler
Oct 6, 2011
New Gallery Opening Graeter Art Gallery This brand-new contemporary gallery kicks off with a bang, presenting a large and diverse group show.   Minimalist Pascale Ticheler’s Guiding Force...
Thumbnail for - Slideshow: First Thursday
Aug 4, 2011
bull and bear
  Well, friends, it’s another sunny First Thursday, positively perfect for traipsing the art-walk. Here are a few exhibits we can’t wait to lay eyes on—and for those who absolutely can’t wait, a...
Thumbnail for - Slideshow: July Gallery Goods
Jul 11, 2011
Photographer Greta Pratt’s The Wavers manages to be witty, satirical, personal, and socio-economically sympathetic, all at once. Her premise? Detail-rich, arresting portraits of the...
Thumbnail for - Slideshow: First Thursday
Jul 7, 2011
  Before you trot out to Gallery Row this evening, click through the slide show to sneak-preview a couple of our favorite fine artists! Portland sculptor J.D. Perkin will show rustic...
Thumbnail for - First Thursday Previews
Nov 4, 2010
Here at Culturephile, we’re trying to find the best way to present events on the big days (First Thursday, First Friday, Last Thursday, et cetera). Sometimes, each individual event is run as its...