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Thumbnail for - Bounce On, Crystal Ballroom
Jan 2, 2014
As the landmark dance and concert hall celebrates 100 years, we look back on a century of sin and psychedelia.
Thumbnail for - St. Patrick’s Soirees
Mar 14, 2012
Welcome to St. Patrick’s Day 2012. We are indeed lucky lads and lasses in our great green city of Portland, as there’s an abundance of celebrations honoring the traditions of pub crawlin’ and...
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Aug 8, 2011
McMenamins news
Surprise, surprise, Mike and Brian McMenamin are at it again, expanding, converting and preserving; this time in an old church in Wilsonville. Working hand in hand with the Wilsonville Historical...
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Apr 27, 2011
New Venue
  Mr. and Mrs. Portland—it’s a McMenamins! Press folks and prominent rubberneckers got to kick the tires at the new Crystal Hotel on Tuesday, wandering hither and yon through one of Mike and Brian...
Thumbnail for - Shenaut Will Shine at the Crystal
Apr 18, 2011
Behind Bars
It’s looking like the brothers McMenamin are upping their game on several fronts with the opening of the new Crystal Hotel and Ballroom. They’ve made a major move toward cocktail respectability...
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Feb 22, 2011
Mark your calendar
No rest for the wicked liver. Lompoc Brewing’s Annual Chowder Challenge Now that’s good chowder! If you’re a seafood fan with a craving for clams, you’ll want to pipe yourself over to the Fifth...