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Thumbnail for - PoMo's Wordstock Guide
Oct 11, 2012
get jiggy with lit
We offer up a dozen do-not-miss panels, events, and readings for the annual lit dream fest, Wordstock, this weekend at the Convention Center.
Thumbnail for - Lost in Space
Apr 27, 2012
Jon Raymond navigates wrong turns and dead ends in _Rain Dragon_.
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Mar 10, 2011
Kelly Reichardt and Jon Raymond’s new film _Meek's Cutoff_ is loosely based on the true story of Stephen Meek, a guide who led a wagon train on an imagined shortcut through today’s Harney County....
Thumbnail for - Oregon Book Awards: Honors Highlight Dark Horses
Oct 27, 2009
Literary Life
Here’s a truism about Oregonians: No matter how high-brow the event, count on us to forgo the glitz and shi shi for a practical fleece and a pair of durable clogs. I’ve seen Tevas and socks at the...