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Thumbnail for - Nonna’s Italian Grandma Cuisine
Jan 22, 2014
A neighborhood tavern brings meatball comfort, killer prices, and great wine.
Thumbnail for - Mama Mia Trattoria Launches Brunch
Feb 21, 2013
Starting February 23rd, find Italian American brunch specials at the west end of the Morrison Bridge.
Thumbnail for - A Taste of Italy in PDX
Jan 10, 2013
A renowned Portland travel agent gives her picks for unearthing a bit of Italy in the Northwest.
Thumbnail for - Restaurant Update: MiNGO West
Nov 12, 2010
'Burbs Bites
In our food-obsessed hamlet, it’s rare that I hear mention of any place to eat outside of the four quadrants. For example, I’ve lived in Portland for a few years now, and it was only recently...
Thumbnail for - Oinking Out in the Belmont Cart Pod
Oct 20, 2010
Food Carts
If you’re a vegetarian with a hankering to glut your hunger at the quickly-expanding Good Food Here pod at 43rd and Belmont, Lardo is not the cart for you. Even in the one item you’d think you...
Thumbnail for - Know SE Portland’s Nostrana Inside and Out
Sep 17, 2010
Food News
A series of gloriously gluttonous interactive “Chef’s Choice” Portland Food Adventures dinners with various local cookery bigwigs kicks off at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, September 29th, and Nostrana...