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Thumbnail for - Fashion Photoshop Fails
Oct 9, 2012
Fashion Framed
A roundup of retouching abuses in the fashion photography world.
Thumbnail for - Cow Nipple Couture
Nov 16, 2011
Let’s take a moment and think about what the most disgusting material could be to make a garment out of. Human hair? A smelly cheese? What about a couture combo of cow and yak nipples? Yup,...
Thumbnail for - Men’s Fashion Gets Frightening
Jul 12, 2011
  What in the hell is happening with men’s fashion? Yes, there are some designers out there doing marvelous and innovative things, but there is also just a lot of “huh” going around. After a tour...
Thumbnail for - The Camel – Not
Sep 22, 2010
I may be giggling like a school girl while typing this up, but I promise this is a real product. If you are out running around in a Christina Aguilera type jumpsuit and worried about putting the...
Listing 11 - 14 of 14 Results