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Thumbnail for - 12 Easy Ways to Green Your Holidays
Dec 12, 2014
Follow these money-saving tips from the Oregon Environmental Council to minimize the eco impact of your gift giving and decorating.
Thumbnail for - Don't Open Until…
Dec 2, 2013
Frantic about your growing holiday shopping list? Take a deep breath and consult our handy guide. The perfect gift is out there.
Thumbnail for - Portland's Holiday Cookbook Social Returns
Nov 19, 2013
Oregon's top local chefs and food writers will make holiday gift-giving a snap by signing copies of their acclaimed works.
Thumbnail for - The Art of DIY Gifting
Nov 15, 2013
Opt out of the season's shopping rush with this tasty gift for everyone on your list—cardamom shortbread cookies tied up with a Made in Portland gift tags!
Thumbnail for - Handmade Holiday Roundup
Nov 13, 2013
After you’ve tucked your Thanksgiving leftovers into the fridge and taken a post-feast nap, it’s time to face the facts—the holiday shopping season has arrived.
Thumbnail for - The Best of the Worst Sweaters
Dec 18, 2012
The ugly holiday sweater has evolved from embarrassing to awesome. We round up some of our favorites from the web universe.
Thumbnail for - 2012 Portland Monthly Gift Guide
Nov 20, 2012
The Geek's Guide to Gifts: Get the perfect local present for your most beloved obsessive.
Thumbnail for - Little Boxes Black Friday Event
Nov 19, 2012
A city wide shopping event ties together local shops with the notion that holiday shopping should be fun and community supportive.
Thumbnail for - Gift Guide: Women’s Accessories
Nov 30, 2011
Gift Guide
REIF Wool Knit Turban Headband – Black and White $28 Available at Image: Store/Designer Site Putting together a fabulous outfit is like baking a perfect fluffy cake....
Thumbnail for - Bar Pilot’s Gift Guide
Nov 28, 2011
Christmas Shopping
Like many of you, I love to play home bartender—but there’s no point in busting out the top-shelf liquor for every annoying rummy who happens to drop by unannounced. It’s simply not cost...