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Thumbnail for - What is Good Food?
Aug 23, 2013
Margaret Wittenberg's newly revised "Essential Good Food Guide" delivers the facts behind the fads for healthy eating at home.
Thumbnail for - Zenger Farm Grows Community Ties
Jun 3, 2013
In a messy part of the city, an urban farm grows connections between families and fresh food.
Thumbnail for - Miso Healthy: Probiotics For Bionic Health
Feb 12, 2013
What was the Bionic Woman’s favorite food? Probiotics like Miso, of course.
Thumbnail for - Brilliant Borscht
Feb 5, 2013
Nothing makes the heart "beet" stronger than the beautiful crimson soup.
Thumbnail for - Cabbage Patch Kids
Jan 7, 2013
Kids (and adults) who eat from the cabbage patch live long and healthy lives!
Thumbnail for - Welcome, Winter Market
Jan 6, 2013
Recovery from the holiday haze of overindulgence is easier when it includes a trip through a calm, colorful winter farmers' market.
Thumbnail for - Cabbage Patch Meals
Feb 21, 2012
Market Watch
Unlike Cabbage Patch dolls of the '80s, cabbage the food is a hot ticket for winter dinner.
Thumbnail for - Slaw: the Best Shredding of the Season
Sep 27, 2011
Market Watch
The farmers’ market is nothing if not seasonable. Early spring begins the ritual of anticipating the opening of the different markets and starting to check them out. The Portland Farmers Market...