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Thumbnail for - Small Spaces That Delight
Oct 30, 2012
Design Guide
Living large, without leaving a large footprint? Small doesn't have to mean skimpy.
Thumbnail for - Beauty in the Backyard
Sep 23, 2012
Slide Show
The greenest of green buildings fit a small footprint: tour this studio cottage/ADU.
Thumbnail for - Salvage for the Home
Sep 16, 2012
Out and About
Home decorating DIY-and-salvage-style has come a long way from the need to rummage through dusty shelves in thrift stores or dive into dumpsters. Salvage style is high style now.
Thumbnail for - BIG! Ideas, Small Spaces
Sep 3, 2012
Out and About
Small is the new big. And green keeps on growing. Yes, it's time for the annual BIG! Tour, as in "Build It Green."
Thumbnail for - Kenya Cookstoves Kickstart in Portland
Sep 2, 2012
Design School
Kickstarting the wood stove, but keeping down the carbon emissions, and the price.