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Stretching Summer

What's growing this month

  • 08/23/2012
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resources for gardeners

Xera Plants' Website: A Resource for PNW Gardeners

This wholesale website is a great resource for plant-lovers, designers and gardeners needing authoritative information on some of the best plants for Pacific Northwest gardens.

  • 08/21/2012
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Cover Story

The Quintessential Portland Gardener

Putting plants to soil has an expansive tradition in our region—one of the world’s most fertile valleys. From growing vegetables that look as good as they taste to cultivating your own private Hawaii, we offer 50 ways to join the local avant-g

  • 03/23/2012
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get dirty

Clean Up That Garden

and make way for winter flowers!

  • 01/17/2011
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Get Dirty

Perennials That Flop

here’s what to do

  • 08/03/2010
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plant of the week

Relax – It’s Lavender Time

  • 07/07/2010
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edible gardening

Grafted Tomatoes

An old-fashioned technique with a new use for home vegetable gardeners

  • 06/21/2010
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good gardening

Planting for Pleasure

  • 06/10/2010
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Yards Apart

Front-yard frills come in all shapes and sizes—you too can have a luxury lawn.

  • 03/15/2010
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Well Hello, Sweet Pea!

it’s pea-planting time in Western Oregon

  • 02/20/2010
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plant files

Air Plants

wierd and wonderful pineapple relatives

  • 02/17/2010
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upcoming events

Valerie Easton Speaking in Portland

  • 01/14/2010
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garden projects

There’s Still Time!

…to plant bulbs

  • 01/11/2010
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Our Feathered Friends

  • 12/19/2009
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Garden Projects

Brrrr, cold nights ahead!

get out the frost cloth!

  • 12/05/2009
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Horticultural Ed

  • 12/03/2009
Tropical look eezuhw

Plants to love

Hardy plants for the tropicalesque garden

aka, tropical masqueraders

  • 10/31/2009
Gorgeous garlic braids yideyr

Vege Garden Project

Allium Alert!

Time to plant garlic for summer 2010 harvest

  • 10/18/2009
Materials at the ready fklglq

Garden Projects

Plant Spring Bulbs in Containers

A festive autumn project

  • 10/08/2009
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Vege Garden Project

It’s Not Too Late for (Vege Garden) Love

…but don’t wait too long!

  • 09/03/2009
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