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Thumbnail for - Review: Lumber Room's Terrain Shift
Nov 12, 2012
Visual Arts
Collector Sarah Meigs curates her first exhibition—photography spanning the globe—with a freedom and reach unmatched elsewhere in town. Thru Feb. 2
Thumbnail for - Victory Gallery Closes; Imago Theatre Moves in New Direction
Nov 7, 2012
Arts News
The wonderful internationally focused gallery closes its doors, and the whimsical theatrical masters hang up their masks.
Thumbnail for - First Thursday Sampler
Aug 2, 2012
Sculpture + Painting Julia Mangold’s Drawings and Sculpture + Gregg Renfrow’s Closer To The Water at Elizabeth Leach Gallery Munich born artist Julia Mangold’s minimalist sculptures involve...
Thumbnail for - Talks by Two Photographers Who Document the Otherworldly on Earth
Mar 22, 2012
to boldly go...
If Portland’s endless drizzle has you feeling claustrophobic, there’re two opportunities this week to be transported to entirely different, beautifully alien landscapes—one flush with majestic...
Thumbnail for - Video Interview with Visionary Sculptor/Filmmaker John Frame
Mar 15, 2012
Fantastic Mr. Frame
The Rothko exhibit may be getting most the press, but upstairs at the Portland Art Museum is an equally spectacular exhibit, albeit of a different world entirely. Inspired by a dream, the...
Thumbnail for - Interview: Portland2012 Biennial Curator Prudence Roberts
Mar 6, 2012
Disjecta’s Portland2012: A Biennial of Contemporary Art is kicking into high gear. Exhibitions have already opened at The Art Gym, PDX Across the Hall, and Helzer Art Gallery at PCC Rock Creek,...
Thumbnail for - First Thursday Sampler
Mar 1, 2012
Pop Art Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol + Mary Chomenko Hinckley at Augen Gallery These three giants of the Pop Art movement transposed images from popular culture into gallery...
Thumbnail for - First Thursday Sampler
Nov 30, 2011
Surrealist Eric Stotik’s New Work at Laura Russo The RACC 2011 fellow overlays bright, detailed nightmare-scapes on black negative space.   Still Life Molly Vidor’s Honeydrippers at PDX...
Thumbnail for - First Thursday Sampler
Nov 2, 2011
Contemporary Target Language at Appendix @ 937 Andrew Norman Wilson, Anne de Vries, Harm van den Dorpel, and Oliver Laric have something in common: bold recontextualization of prior...
Thumbnail for - First Thursday Sampler
Oct 6, 2011
New Gallery Opening Graeter Art Gallery This brand-new contemporary gallery kicks off with a bang, presenting a large and diverse group show.   Minimalist Pascale Ticheler’s Guiding Force...
Listing 21 - 30 of 60 Results