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Thumbnail for - Taste Test: Airline Snacks
Mar 5, 2015
Portland Monthly's editorial staff sampled airline nuts and crackers... for science!
Thumbnail for - The Mind Behind the Woodstock Mystery Hole and the Universal Church O’Fun
Aug 11, 2014
Every August, devotees of Barron Mind’s mystery hole gather in SE Portland to catch meteors and learn how to be fun. Consider this our dispatch of nonsense.
Thumbnail for - Oregon's Beauty Captured in Stunning Slow Motion
Apr 25, 2014
From downtown Portland to frozen Multnomah Falls, Uncage the Soul brings Oregon's sights to life with stunning slow motion and time lapse videos.
Thumbnail for - Want to Buy a Private Oregon Island?
Mar 25, 2014
We take a look at the Northwest's premium island real estate.
Thumbnail for - Indoor Sports for Outdoor People
Sep 24, 2013
If the Portland rain is keeping you from your favorite outdoor exercise routines, try these indoor variations—all of which are way more fun than the treadmill
Thumbnail for - Male Models and Cute Cats
Apr 29, 2013
Occasionally we stumble across a blog we like more than ours. This French masterpiece juxtaposing male models and kitties makes that list.
Thumbnail for - Street Style
Nov 12, 2010
I already have far too many blogs I obsess over (hey, it’s work related!), but Urban Weeds has just been added to the list. The site is a street style blog by photographer Lisa Warninger and ...
Thumbnail for - Project Runway Picks Another Portlander!
Oct 29, 2010
  Look out world, Portland is unstoppable! At least in the reality television shows about fashion designers world. In last night’s finale of Project Runway our own Gretchen Jones took the prize...
Thumbnail for - Nerd Boyfriend
Oct 26, 2010
Nerd boyfriend is my new favorite blog. It combines two things I personally love: nerdy boys and fashion. The entire premise is as simple as it sounds. Classic photos of "nerds" are shown while...
Thumbnail for - Create a Costume
Oct 18, 2010
Playing dress up
It’s countdown to Halloween time and the search for your DIY costume is on! I am personally a fan of putting together costumes on your own because: A. I have a design degree. B. The options for...
Listing 1 - 10 of 11 Results