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Meet Your Makers

The members of our favorite local rock band, Blitzen Trapper. Meet the newest stars of stage, screen, and sculpture.

  • By Martha Calhoon, John Chandler, and Bart Blasengame
  • Published 07/24/2012
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Movie House Magic

Our Favorite Local Theaters

  • By Stacey Wilson
  • Published 07/24/2012
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Adrienne Barbeau

Her 45-year career has taken her from Broadway to primetime television, where she starred as a divorced mom on Norman Lear’s acclaimed 1970s sitcom _Maude_. But Adrienne Barbeau will forever be known as a fan-boy sex symbol thanks to her bold, buxom roles

  • By John Chandler
  • Published 07/24/2012
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Twilight’s Portland Premiere

The movie version of _Twilight_, Stephenie Meyer’s vampire book series, opened nationwide on Friday. Scads of Portland locals worked on and acted in the film, which was filmed here earlier this year. Before you get your tickets, flip through our slideshow

  • Published 07/24/2012
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Hollywood Knights

Phil Knight famously made a fortune as a founder of Nike. Now the shoe king and his son Travis are vying for a foothold in the super-competitive world of filmmaking with a cartoon girl named Coraline.

  • By Tom McNichol
  • Published 07/24/2012
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The Lost World of Gus Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho

Keanu Reeves, River Phoenix, Gus Van Sant, and Portland, 20 years later

  • By Ryan Donaldson
  • Published 09/21/2011

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TBA 2011: Miwa Matreyek’s Silhouette Sorcery

  • By n/a n/a
  • Published 09/20/2011
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TBA 2011: Ruhr

Going the Distance with James Benning

  • By Claudia La Rocco
  • Published 09/18/2011


Moves Management at North View Gallery

  • By n/a n/a
  • Published 03/28/2011


Three Veils opens POWfest

  • By n/a n/a
  • Published 03/03/2011
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A Few Good Reasons To Watch "Foreign" Films

Need a reason to catch the Portland International Film Festival? Here are several.

  • By n/a n/a
  • Published 01/31/2011
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tune in: television

Portlandia Premiere

Creator Carrie Brownstein and Director Jonathan Krisel weigh in on their new IFC series’ growing hype.

  • By n/a n/a
  • Published 01/15/2011

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First Full Portlandia Episode!

Bookstore feminists, juvenile team sports, and organic farm forays. Watch it now!

  • By n/a n/a
  • Published 01/13/2011

I Heart Videos

Behind the Scenes of Black Swan

Get a peek into the costume planning for the film.

  • By Eden Dawn
  • Published 12/20/2010
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30 seconds with… Tex Clark

Tex Clark talks about the re-release of her 1995 feminist rockumentary, _Radical Act_.

  • By Zach Dundas
  • Published 11/16/2010


Local Videos

Moving pictures, swimming men, and inquisitive dancers.

  • By n/a n/a
  • Published 11/15/2010


FILMusik: The Little Prince

  • By n/a n/a
  • Published 11/11/2010
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phile under: cultural recycling

Five Questions for Filmusik’s Galen Huckins

Local maestro puts new sounds in old cinema

  • By Geoff Earl
  • Published 11/09/2010
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TBA 2010: Five Questions with Ronnie Bass

It’s not too late to catch The Astronomer.

  • By n/a n/a
  • Published 10/11/2010
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TBA 2010: Young Jean Lee on The Shipment

A conversation with playwright Young Jean Lee about the filmed version of her controversial stage play.

  • By Claudia La Rocco
  • Published 09/17/2010
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