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Thumbnail for - FashionXT: Night Two
Oct 12, 2012
Outfits galore from the second night of FashionXT runway shows.
Thumbnail for - FashionXT: Night One
Oct 11, 2012
Best in Show
The good, the bad and the rest from the first night of FashionXT.
Thumbnail for - FashionXT: Night One
Oct 11, 2012
All the runway images from the first night of FashionXT.
Thumbnail for - Portland Fashion Week is Dead....Kind Of
Sep 20, 2012
Fashion News
The long lived Portland Fashion Week is no longer, but from its ashes rises a new event.
Thumbnail for - Hustle and Bustle Fashion Show
Sep 19, 2012
The Saturday Market hops into the fashion show circuit this week with their first fundraising event at the Bossanova Ballroom.
Thumbnail for - Fashion's Night Out Guide
Aug 28, 2012
Thursday, September 6 is national Fashion's Night Out with nearly every store downtown offering up something ala fashion shows, new fall collections and party time.
Thumbnail for - Alley 33 Fashion Show Recap
Jul 31, 2012
best in show
Silvania Saturday’s Alley 33 fashion show, produced by Mag-Big’s Cassie Ridgeway and Siren Nation’s December Carson, was a smooth, fun ride. The sun was out, the people were...
Thumbnail for - Portland Garment Factory Debuts HouseLine
Oct 20, 2011
Style Spotlight
In exciting news from the local design front, we’ve got ourselves a new line in town. Portland Garment Factory, already known for assisting in everything from pattern grading to manufacturing for...
Thumbnail for - Adam Arnold’s Fall Line
Oct 12, 2011
Best In Show
  Last Saturday Adam Arnold held his own in-store fashion show to the delight of attendees. While I (very sadly) couldn’t make it to the show, it looks like Mr. Arnold, his director of production...
Thumbnail for - Bryce Black at NYFW
Oct 3, 2011
  Spoiler alert: Reality television is staged. Now, I know that must be a lot for you to take in, but the truth must be heard. In the case of Project Runway they make a big to do about only the...
Listing 91 - 100 of 153 Results