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Thumbnail for - Men's Warehouse Can't Guarantee It
Jun 26, 2013
Alright, Men’s Wearhouse may not be at the cusp of hot fashion, but if you want to talk brand recognition, this is it. Since 1974, President and founder George Zimmer has held court at the top...
Thumbnail for - Copycats Hit Local Designer
Jun 25, 2013
A strikingly similar copy of Betsy & Iya's beloved Fremont cuff is turning up on websites all over the world. Read how the small business is handling the unsettling news.
Thumbnail for - H&M Scores Isabel Marant
Jun 18, 2013
The retail giant announces its newest collaboration for fall teaming up with Parisian Marant.
Thumbnail for - The Birth of Bluer Denim
Jun 13, 2013
A local denim start up with heavy hitters behind it wants to revolutionize the entire denim industry.
Thumbnail for - Open Season Fashion Show(s)
May 9, 2013
The Mercury's annual indie fashion show is back next week with four nights of runway shows.
Thumbnail for - The New York Times Covers Portland's Counterfeits
Mar 21, 2013
Local designer Elizabeth Dye discovers her gowns being knocked off and the NYT follows the tale from beginning to end.
Thumbnail for - Brady Lange's Pop Up Party
Mar 6, 2013
Local designer Brady Lange moves from the local fashion show circuit to selling pieces in shops and online with Solestruck hosting his debut party this weekend.
Thumbnail for - Cellulite Fighting Jeans?
Jan 24, 2013
Has our obsession with beauty gone so far that we need to dip our jeans in moisturizer? Yes, yes it has.
Thumbnail for - No More Bargain Hunting?
Jan 8, 2013
The beloved biannual sale calls it quits, but there's more to the story.
Thumbnail for - The Narcisco Rodriguez Collection for Kohl's
Oct 31, 2012
Another big name designer teams up for an affordable collaboration with a large retailer. And, yes, the clothes are cool.
Listing 11 - 20 of 32 Results