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Thumbnail for - Watershed Politics
May 1, 2013
Lawrence Halprin's designs for Keller Fountain and the farms and vineyards of the Willamette Valley
Thumbnail for - Keep Portland Free(er)
Mar 22, 2013
The conundrum of historic districts
Thumbnail for - Public Art & Debate
Feb 15, 2013
A look at Portland's newest public art project, Lead Pencil Studio's Inversion: Plus Minus, now rising in the Central Eastside.
Thumbnail for - When I Learned
Jan 24, 2013
The impromptu history lesson that most changed my life.
Thumbnail for - Sam Adams Exit Interview
Dec 20, 2012
Portland's departing mayor hastily answers some of our questions.
Thumbnail for - OHSU's Commuter Science
Nov 21, 2012
OHSU creates connections between its doctors, campuses, and the city
Thumbnail for - In Memoriam: Robert Reynolds
Oct 16, 2012
Editor's Note
Every dead friend leaves a void, but the loss of the Portland food culture’s BFF is deep.
Thumbnail for - Poll Positions
Sep 20, 2012
Editor's Note
It's high time we crunched the numbers on our neighbors.
Thumbnail for - Let the Feast Begin
Aug 23, 2012
Editor's Note
Few people have made the simple act of cooking and eating your own food as accessible—and politically meaningful—as Mark Bittman.
Thumbnail for - Season of Giving
Aug 16, 2012
In the weeks that passed between the time our editors researched and wrote “The Art of Eating Cheaply” and the time Portland Monthly went to press, something rather unfortunate happened: Prices...
Listing 21 - 30 of 84 Results