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Thumbnail for - Portland's 2013 James Beard Semifinalists
Feb 19, 2013
Six Portland chefs stand tall among 20 contenders for Best Chef Northwest, and six other local talents compete in the James Beard Award's national categories.
Thumbnail for - Cozy Winter Cocktails
Dec 11, 2012
This month's sipping list
Thumbnail for - Eat Beat's News to Chew
Nov 20, 2012
Top food news stories from around Portland, including the relocation of vegetarian Indian food cart Roshambo and East Burnside's new The Tannery Bar.
Thumbnail for - The Next Wave
Oct 19, 2012
Best Restaurants 2012
Five brand-new restaurants to look out for in the final months of 2012.
Thumbnail for - 2011 in Review
Jan 4, 2012
Best of the Year
It’s as inevitable as the dust that gathers around the new treadmill gifted to you by your significant other. You didn’t honestly think that you’d escape early January without one of those pesky...
Thumbnail for - Clyde Common’s Tomato Love
Aug 25, 2011
Chris DiMinno loves tomatoes. In all likelihood, you love tomatoes. So what’s the difference between you and Chef DiMinno? He’s going to go through all of <———————these tomatoes in just two...
Thumbnail for - Announcing Clyde Common&rsquo;s New Themed Dinner Series
Feb 10, 2011
Food News
This just in: Clyde Common’s executive chef Chris DiMinno is launching a new themed dinner series the last Sunday of every month, and he’s getting this party started right—the inaugural event...
Thumbnail for - Bar Star
Jan 14, 2011
Clyde Common's Jeffrey Morgenthaler has been voted Bartender of the year. He weighs in on Portland's drinking scene and tells us how to make a Agridulce Royale.
Thumbnail for - Clyde Common&rsquo;s Bacon N&rsquo; Eggs Bloody Mary
May 1, 2009
For a guy who claims to abhor superlatives, I find myself using the word “best” far more than I’d like to admit. Sometimes I use it to make a point. Sometimes, I actually mean it. After trying...
Listing 11 - 19 of 19 Results