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Natural Wines at Sauvage

Fausse Piste winemaker Jesse Skiles shares the stories behind his pours.

  • 02/19/2013


Vintage Wines

The best places to buy wines from years gone by

  • 12/19/2012
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The New Box Wine

Cork's Darryl Joannides shares his picks for festive box wines.

  • 11/20/2012
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Cellar Notes

Washington's Best Wines

Seattle Met writer selects five wondrous wines from up North.

  • 10/16/2012
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Cellar Notes

Don't Fear the Riesling

Five delicious reasons to embrace Germany’s much-maligned grape

  • 08/23/2012


Before Dinner Drinks

Our Critic's Top Wine Picks

  • 08/17/2012
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Cellar Notes

Summer Rosé

Amalie Roberts from Kir Wine Bar sings the praises of four plucky rosés.

  • 07/18/2012

Cellar Notes

Tap Dance

What’s on tap? Wine! Enjoy premium Oregon vino straight from the keg.

  • 05/24/2012
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Cellar Notes

The Chameleon of Wine

Our critic’s picks for the best syrahs of the season.

  • 04/27/2012
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Cellar Notes

Wine & Dine

To find the best food pairings in the Willamette Valley you need to know where to look.

  • 03/23/2012
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Cellar Notes

Place Matters

Our critic’s guide to the subregions of the Willamette Valley, home of the world’s finest pinot noir.

  • 02/24/2012
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Cellar Notes

French Connection

Wine writer Conde Cox digs into his own cellar for dinner at new French bistro Noisette.

  • 01/26/2012

Cellar Notes

Cellar Notes: Keeping Wine Weird

Wines from the mountainous Northeast of France are anything but ordinary.

  • 12/23/2011
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Cellar Notes

Cellar Notes

A critic’s guide to the best wine deals of the season.

  • 11/23/2011
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Cellar Notes

Pinot Pioneer

Eyrie Vineyards has vintage vintages for sale.

  • 09/21/2011
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Cellar Notes

Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine style closely associated with California. Of course, we've got our own cabs here in the Northwest.

  • 06/29/2011
Chateau de aiguillette xfrg5s


Cellar Notes: Best buys for spring/summer

We've got three sweet deals on worthy wines for under $15.

  • 05/20/2011
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Cellar Notes

Barbera wines masterfully walk the tightrope between Old World food-friendly restraint and New World flavor-forward exuberance.

  • 04/22/2011
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Cellar Notes

Find a superb Oregon white wine to complement your next fresh seafood or crab dish.

  • 02/18/2011
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Cellar Notes

Despite what some critics say, the Oregon 2007 vintage pinot noir has matured into a quality wine. Notable 2007 pinot noirs include Cristom, Erath, Bethel Heights, Lemelson, and Et Fille.

  • 01/14/2011
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