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Thumbnail for - A Portland Artist's Mindboggling Buckminster Fuller Book
Mar 3, 2014
Cole Gerst's Kickstarter-funded tome celebrates the inventor's radical vision of home, design, and society.
Thumbnail for - Portland Artist Cole Gerst's Amazing Buckminster Fuller Book
Feb 28, 2014
The Kickstarter-funded 'Poet of Geometry' explores the great inventor's radical, mind-blowing work.
Thumbnail for - TBA: Yo La Tengo/Buckminster Fuller Review
Sep 20, 2012
At TBA, a sweet summer night: Yo La Tengo serenading R. Buckminster Fuller as Sam Green sauntered through the designer's story.
Thumbnail for - Yo La Tengo, a.k.a. the Buckminster Fuller Band
Sep 11, 2012
Out and About
How often do you go to the movies, hear a live band, and learn about a design visionary all at the same time? Sam Green's "live documentary" at TBA does it all September 12.