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Thumbnail for - Book Review: Calling Dr. Laura
Dec 17, 2012
Nicole J. Georges's charming graphic memoir follows the search for her father.
Thumbnail for - Review: Sherman Alexie's Blasphemy
Nov 7, 2012
Scene and Heard
The decorated Northwest Native American author visited Portland to read from his new book, Blashphemy; razz Portland hipsters; and generally share his trickster genius.
Thumbnail for - Eight Girls Taking Pictures by Whitney Otto
Oct 16, 2012
Book Review
“It was so needlessly trusting ... to see something every day and not for one minute consider that there is an underneath,” thinks one of the eight protagonists in Portland author Whitney Otto’s...
Thumbnail for - Ironskin by <em>Tina Connolly</em>
Sep 21, 2012
Book Review
A young, poverty-stricken governess alights at a crumbling house on the moors; a haunted man, his strange child, and a horrible mystery await within. Sound like Jane Eyre?
Thumbnail for - Dora: A Headcase <em>By Lidia Yuknavitch</em>
Aug 23, 2012
Book Review
Oregon author Lidia Yuknavitch utilizes "the scary teenage girl" as a razor-edged scalpel for dissecting what it means to be categorized, typed, and diagnosed.
Listing 21 - 25 of 25 Results