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Thumbnail for - Fotoshop by Adobé
Jan 3, 2013
An entertaining spoof on the fashion biz and it's number one secret weapon.
Thumbnail for - How to Apply False Eyelashes
Dec 13, 2012
Ready to try false eyelashes for that big holiday party? Take the time to watch this tutorial.
Thumbnail for - Hair Day Giveaway
Nov 28, 2012
Enter to win a hair makeover from celeb and editorial hair stylist, Kelly Peach.
Thumbnail for - Get a Smokey Eye in Two Steps
Sep 12, 2012
We Heart Video
Learn how to take that plain lid to smoky and sexy with this tutorial video.
Thumbnail for - Marilyn Monroe’s Makeup
Feb 8, 2012
We Heart Video
While there’s little doubt in anyone’s mind that Marilyn Monroe is one of history’s great beauties, little was known about her actual beauty regimen. We can guess via detective skills that she’s...
Thumbnail for - Gift Guide: Beauty
Nov 28, 2011
Gift Guide
1 .Christmas Coal Soap // Black Unscented Soap made with Vegan and Organic ingredients $4.50 Available at Image: Store/Designer Site Once again, Cyber Monday is...
Thumbnail for - Wax On, Wax Off with European Wax Center
Nov 8, 2011
Special Offer
There are two types of people in the world: Those who wax and those who don’t. Not positive which side of the hairy fence you fall on? Here’s an opportunity for you to find out…for free. Next...
Thumbnail for - Trend Watch: Beauty Edition
May 28, 2011
Get hip to it
  It’s important to remember that clothes are only part of the ensemble. Once you’ve got your outfit whipped into shape you have to get a check up from the neck up. Like anything else in the...
Thumbnail for - Avalon Spa, I Think I Love Thee
Apr 11, 2011
I'm Special
  When life seems to get particularly rough, there is one sure-all cure for me: a spa day. It can scrape you off the bottom of the barrel and give you that little oomph you need to feel refreshed...
Thumbnail for - Spider Veins Be Gone!
Apr 3, 2011
I'm Special
A little FYI: I do not care for spiders, or anything related to spiders. This includes the couple spider veins that have surfaced on my upper leg. While these ones won’t bite, they are just as...
Listing 11 - 20 of 22 Results