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Thumbnail for - Cat Bearding
May 28, 2013
The latest beauty trend requires a cat, an instant beard, and a camera.
Thumbnail for - Trend Watch: Brunettes Have More Fun?
May 1, 2013
Are you on board with the latest wave of blondes going the dark tresses route? See our roundup of Hollywood ladies and their bold makeovers.
Thumbnail for - Trend Watch: Blondes to Brunette
Apr 30, 2013
Ready to take those golden locks to rich browns? These beauties took the plunge.
Thumbnail for - Outta This World 'Dos
Apr 11, 2013
Step inside a 1960's hair salon to see how the combination of sparklers and hairspray once seemed like a good idea.
Thumbnail for - Coconut Oil: The Magical Beauty Fix All
Apr 9, 2013
Think outside the box (and cupboard) with our top ten ways you can use versatile coconut oil for a host of beauty treatments.
Thumbnail for - Fotoshop by Adobé
Jan 3, 2013
An entertaining spoof on the fashion biz and it's number one secret weapon.
Thumbnail for - How to Apply False Eyelashes
Dec 13, 2012
Ready to try false eyelashes for that big holiday party? Take the time to watch this tutorial.
Thumbnail for - Hair Day Giveaway
Nov 28, 2012
Enter to win a hair makeover from celeb and editorial hair stylist, Kelly Peach.
Thumbnail for - Get a Smokey Eye in Two Steps
Sep 12, 2012
We Heart Video
Learn how to take that plain lid to smoky and sexy with this tutorial video.
Thumbnail for - Marilyn Monroe’s Makeup
Feb 8, 2012
We Heart Video
While there’s little doubt in anyone’s mind that Marilyn Monroe is one of history’s great beauties, little was known about her actual beauty regimen. We can guess via detective skills that she’s...
Listing 11 - 20 of 27 Results