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Thumbnail for - First Impression: Rum Club
Mar 7, 2012
Cocktail O'Clock
  What: Rum Club  Where: 720 SE Sandy Blvd When: Open at 4 pm, last call at 2 am Monday – Saturday?. Why Someone once described this dapper hole-in-the wall as the “ultimate dad bar.” I think that...
Thumbnail for - Happy Hour: Uptown Billiards
Mar 5, 2012
Happy Hour
Sometimes love is a slow process, filled with wrong turns and misunderstandings, but growing sweeter with time. Sometimes it limps along before giving up the ghost; sometimes it never even leaves...
Thumbnail for - Truth in Advertising
Mar 1, 2012
Beer Bulletin
A candid photo from Trader Joe’s. With an advertising campaign like this one, it’s no surprise that house brand Simpler Times Pilsner is flying off the shelves. What’s more, I agree 100 percent....
Thumbnail for - Snacking at Wafu
Feb 23, 2012
Bar Food
What: Wafu Where: 3113 Southeast Division Street; 503-236-0205 Why: In two words, bar snacks. Wafu, the hipster Japanese bar overseen by Trent Pierce, has many things to recommend it. If I can be...
Thumbnail for - Happy Hour: Bent Brick
Feb 22, 2012
Happy Hour
A perfect mating between old-world gentleman’s club charm and the ever-popular industrial aesthetic, wrapped in stone and ivy and moved to the Pacific Northwest, the Bent Brick is as seamlessly...
Thumbnail for - Rothko: On the Rocks
Feb 20, 2012
Art Appreciation
Highly influential abstract artist Mark Rothko (1903-1970) grew up in Portland and attended Lincoln High School before following his star to New York, where he eventually found like-minded...
Thumbnail for - Beer O’Clock for Brainiacs
Feb 13, 2012
Current Events
Some people drink so they don’t have to think; some think because they cannot drink. But if you’re like most of us, you sit comfortably in the happy medium where the two coexist. At least, that’s...
Thumbnail for - Love on the Rocks
Feb 10, 2012
Mixology 101
Portland mixologists reveal swoon-worthy romantic concoctions
Thumbnail for - Upright Brewing’s Oyster Stout Release
Feb 7, 2012
Mark Your Calendar
Not that Oregonians—and Portlanders in particular—really need incentive to head to the nearest pub and down tasty beers in good company, but if you do, then consider this your cattle prod. To...
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Feb 7, 2012
Happy Hour
No one can accuse the Pearl of lacking in glossy establishments; the dashing, delicious, and daring stack up like so many namesakes on a strand. But Seres (1105 NW Lovejoy St.), a clean, modern...
Listing 31 - 40 of 336 Results